Beard Money Beard Sauce | Beard Oil 2fl Oz

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After a long day,  dirt, dust , food etc can begin building up in your man bush. Making it necessary to wash your beard. Washing your beard will take natural oils out causing your beard to dry up and look thin , stringy and unattractive. That is where our Beard Sauce comes into play! Used in combination with our Beard Wash and Beard Butter it will help bring your beard to another level! Our beard sauce is a leave in conditioner filled with needed nutrients for your beard. Leaving it looking thick and healthy while keeping it soft to the touch.

With our push pump top it allows an even distribution every time and eliminates waste / spillage. 


Ingredients :

Apricot Oil

Jojoba Oil

Almond Oil

Fragrance for Scent 




When is the best time to use beard sauce?

We find that the best time to use beard sauce is right after taking a shower. After a hot shower, the hair follicles and pores of your face are open and absorb the oil with ease. It is also beneficial to use before bed to prevent your beard from drying out in the night.

How much should I use?

With Beard Money Beard Sauce, you will only need a pump or two (this is dependent on the size of your beard). A little goes a long way.

How to apply?

Rub a pump or two of the Beard Sauce between your hands and apply to the hair and skin of your face until absorbed completely.

Can I use it on hair other than my beard?

Absolutely. All hair needs to be kept clean and moisturized to be healthy, and beard oil, particularly Beard Money Beard Sauce, has everything hair needs to be healthy. We also find that rubbing the remainder on your face keeps skin moisturized and reduces the amount of acne caused by dryness and irritation.

Will Beard Sauce make my Beard Look Greasy?

No! Our beard sauce is made with oils that absorb into the beard fast. Leaving your beard with a nice healthy look vs greasy dirty beard. HOWEVER , if you prefer a sheen on your beard you can apply a few more pumps which will provide a more wet / shiny look.