Beard Money Beard Butter | Beard Balm 2 Oz

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Our Beard Butter Beard Balm great for hydrating dry beard hair and helps add girth while taming / sculpting beard hair. It keeps beard hair in place and while keeping it nice and soft to the touch. We recommend this for day time use as a sculpting agent for your beard. We recommend it in conjunction with our Beard Sauce



Shea Butter
Apricot oil
Almond oil

Should I use Beard Sauce (Oil) or Beard Butter (Balm)?

We recommend both! Beard oil is more for hydrating the beard and the skin beneath  Our beard butter is more of a styling agent .  So they are really complimentary. 

When is the best time to use beard butter?

We find that the best time to use beard butter is right after taking a shower. After a hot shower, the hair follicles and pores of your face are open and absorb the butter with ease. It is ideal for use during the day to keep hairs tame and sculpted to perfection.

How much should I use?

With Beard Money Beard Butter, you will only need enough to cover your thumbnail (this is dependent on the size of your beard). A little goes a long way.

How to apply?

Scrape a little with your thumbnail. Once you have it on your thumbnail, rub it between your hands until melted and apply to shape your beard for your desired style.

Can I use it on hair other than my beard?

Absolutely. All hair needs to be kept clean and moisturized to be healthy, and beard oil, particularly Beard Money Beard Sauce, has everything hair needs to be healthy. We also find that rubbing the remainder on your face keeps skin moisturized and reduces the amount of acne caused by dryness and irritation.

 Can I use Beard Butter on my Mustache?

Absolutely! Our Beard Butter is not a strong hold so if you are wanting crazy handle bars than this may not be the best option. Our Beard Butter is a softer more natural looking hold.

 Will Beard Butter make my Beard Look Greasy?

No! Our beard butter is used with oils that absorb into the beard fast. Leaving your beard with a nice healthy look vs greasy dirty beard.