About Beard Money

Beard Money was established August 2014 by (myself) CEO James Haldas.   This brand is for bearded Savages as well as beard lovers. I wear my beard proudly and have not been able to find shirts that are as savage as my beard. So here I am! Scratching my own itch!

We are not a huge company. I am currently running this show out of my garage which is actually very convenient! We currently have a 5 man team. This team consists of my Wife , my 3 kids and Myself. 

We hope to touch / reach people with the same ambitions. To create a community of bearded savages with our brand. To help connect bearded CEOs that are not shaving  just because society says so! 

We are always looking to networking with people that have like minds. Hit me up info@beardmoney.com