Why I use Beard Oil

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Why I use Beard Oil

Hello All!!

James , CEO of Beard Money here!! Just wanted to to share my story on why I started using beard oil and why you should as well. 

I originally started growing my beard the same reason al ot of people do. I wanted to look like a FUCKING MAN! Lol Just kidding ( sort of ) . The real reason is my skin was super sensitive and I broke out with itchy rashes after shaving. On top of that , razor prices for anything decent are through the roof. This led me to stop shaving. After about a year my beard was pretty long and extremely dry.I loved my beard but it looked raggedy. I was about to give up , I just thought my beard didn't have what it took to look full and girthy!  My wife insisted that I did not cut my beard and bought me beard oil. This was a game changer! After just a few days my beard looked thicker , well maintained and  conditioned.

On top of the amazing effects it had on my beard, the oil is also great for your skin. I have always had extremely dry skin and "skin care" products did not help. Rubbing a little bit of beard oil on my skin killed off redness and the acne I had since I was a teenager leading into my mid 20s.

One major misconception is that beard oil will make you look greasy / dirty. This might be true for some oils however if the supplier is using the correct oils they should absorb into your skin and beard thus providing nutrients to for your beard and skin , not leaving a thick greasy sheen on your face / beard. 

If you are contemplating cutting your beard I hope I have convinced you that there is a solution other than cutting it off! If you are still not convinced I am offering 30% off my beard oil and our other beard care products to hopefully get you to put the razor down.... for EVER!

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I hope this helps!!

If you have any questions be sure to let me know. You can reach me at info@beardmoney.com







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