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Today I wanted to go over a nice little trick to get your beard to look thicker/ fuller instantly. No products or supplements necessary! Ive noticed over the years that there are days where my beard looks girthy as fuck and others where my beard looks patchy and see-through. One day I was going out and had a white shirt o. It got a stain on it and I swapped it out for a black tee. Bam! My beard looked crazy better! Thats when I realized what was happening! The black tee blended with my beard making it looks fuller...

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Have you ever heard of blackstrap molasses and the wonders it can do for your beard? It's actually a natural concoction that is widely used to promote healthy growth, improve shine and increase manageability. Here is a look at the different nutrients contained in blackstrap molasses and what they do for beard hair. Iron strengthens the follicles to encourage growth and to protect the hair from breakage. This is why it is typically one of the main ingredients included in the formulas of natural beard treatments and hair growth supplements. Calcium may fortify the bones, but it also fortifies the...

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Hello All! Today I wanted to go over a supplement that I have found thanks to Tim Ferriss. If you do not know who this guy is , id suggest you look him up ! He is the Author of the 4 hour work week and a freak of a human. His podcast is also great ( The Tim Ferriss Show) .  Moving on ... This magical supplement is Flaxseed Oil. I picked up a 16fl oz bottle at whole foods for about $12 and drink a table spoon a day. There are a bunch of health benefits when consuming...

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