Best Beard Comb....EVER!!

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Best Beard Comb....EVER!!

In this article I will be talking about my experience with beard combs and what I have found best for combing out your beard without raping it and pulling hair off your face! 

First off if you are not combing your beard out daily id recommend that you start or else your beard might start to look shaggy and unkept. If you have a curly beard the knots will be unbearable. In the meantime use your fingers. 

Moving on...

I have seen a lot of combs on the web being marketed to men with beards. The most popular are wooden combs. They are really cool looking however I have ordered a few and they are in my opinion horrible for your beard or any sort of hair for that matter. I found that they pulled my hair and broke it with every stroke. They have very jagged edges and latch on to anything passing. 

What I have been using for years and invested a total of about $2 on is a simple plastic comb with very wide teeth. I stole this from my daughter, it came with a little comb kit she had. I believe it came from Sally's beauty supply. I have put a reference image below to give you an idea on what I am working with! This does not pull my hair and leaves my beard looking SMOOTHER than a Motherfucker!! You feel me!?!?!?!?


I hope this helps!! 

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 Thank You

James Haldas


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