How to Wash your Beard

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How to Wash your Beard

Today I wanted to go over the best approach to washing your beard that I have found to date. One thing I hate about washing my beard is that it gets really dry afterwords and looks thin and crusty. So I'd like to share with you how I avoid this.

Pick a good wash. I like shampoo / washes with ingredients I can read. Something that will  wash and condition. 

Here are a few I'd recommend and I use or have used in thecpast.

1.Our Beard Money Beard Wash of course!

2. As I Am Coconut Co Wash

3. Trader Joe's Tea Tree Shampoo

Now to wash your beard you are going to soak it and rub in some wash. Make sure you get a good lather. Scrub your beard and the skin underneath for about 60 seconds and rinse.

Next , to dry your beard you are going to pat it with a dry towel.... nice and easy.  Don't get to rough we don't want to frizz the beard up. 

Last we are going to feed your beard some nutrients. Do not leave this last step out. Apply about 1-2 pumps of our Beard Money Beard Sauce as well as a bit of our Beard Money Beard Butter. This will re-hydrate your beard making your beard look big and healthy. Not dry and malnourished. I have found that not applying oil after wash my beard drys out making it impossible to comb through without breaking my hair. 

There you have it! Your beard is clean , healthy and boss as fuck!!





I hope this helps!!

Thanks for reading!!

If you have any questions be sure to reach out! You can get me at

Thank You

James Haldas 





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