How to Beard

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How to Beard

     In this article I will be going over my daily routine and give you some tips on how to maintain your beard. When growing a beard, if the hair is coming off your face there are a few essential products you need to consider. The most important being beard oil , followed by beard balm to style and beard wash to cleanse the beard. After this article your beard will be level expert!

     I start off my day with a morning shower, I do not wash my beard , I just wet it with cool water. Yes, you heard correct, COOL water.. I noticed , with my beard at least that warm / hot water causes my beard to frizz up.  Cool water helps prevent this. After I get out of the shower I pat my beard down with a towel. Don't get to rough , gentle. Now I take some Beard Oil  and apply with my hands. I typically use 1-2 pumps and run it through gently, try not to break or pull any hair. Rub excess oil on your face, it is really good for your skin as well. 

     Now that your beard is lubed up we are ready for the styling agent. For this we need some Beard Balm. I use just enough to cover my thumb nail. Now, with the balm in hand , rub your two hands together to soften the balm up. It should almost be in liquid form by now. Take both hands and rub it into your beard and stache. Once applied I comb through my beard SLOWLY with a wide tooth comb. There should be very little to no pull on your beard. You do not want a comb that pulls your hair as this can lead to split ends. Next, I blow dry my beard with cool air. I am using cool air because the Beard Balm will  harden up a bit to create a nice hold on your beard , keeping it looking nice and orderly. 

     At the end of the day , shower part two. Again I rinse my beard with water and ill apply 1-2 pumps of oil to keep my beard nice and soft. You do not want your beard to dry out as the hair will be alot more susceptible to breaking 

     You're probably thinking to yourself, this dirty little bitch didn't wash his beard.  I do not wash my beard every day. I typically wash 2-3 times a week max. I find that anymore my beard drys out and does not look as thick. To wash my beard I use Beard Wash. I do not use regular shampoo. It is a bit to harsh on the beard.

     That wasn't to hard , was it? Getting into this routine will absolutely change your life! I promise!

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